Hannah & Joey Engagement

I am so excited to share these engagement photos with you! I am lucky enough to have been family friends with Joey’s family for almost my whole life, and I’ve gotten to watch his relationship with Hannah grow stronger and more amazing over the years. I got to photograph his surprise visit home and Hannah’s reaction to seeing him a few years back and it has always been a joy to see the love between them. I was so excited when Joey asked Hannah to marry him and so honored when they asked me to photograph their engagement photos and wedding! It’s been a gift to be friends with the two of you over the years and I cannot wait for your wedding! Congrats!



Your love is beautiful you two!

Joey_Hannah_Engagment_0018 Joey_Hannah_Engagment_0028 Joey_Hannah_Engagment_0041 Joey_Hannah_Engagment_0060 Joey_Hannah_Engagment_0073 Joey_Hannah_Engagment_0089 Joey_Hannah_Engagment_0104 Joey_Hannah_Engagment_0110 Joey_Hannah_Engagment_0145

Joey_Hannah_Engagment_0179 Joey_Hannah_Engagment_0183


All Smiles!

Joey_Hannah_Engagment_0200 Joey_Hannah_Engagment_0203

Joey_Hannah_Engagment_0229 Joey_Hannah_Engagment_0237 Joey_Hannah_Engagment_0250 Joey_Hannah_Engagment_0269 Joey_Hannah_Engagment_0282

Hannah wanted to have their engagement photos done in a field full of flowers, luckily Havener Park & Deer Haven Preserve in Delaware

was full of beautiful pink and purple blooms. It was great fun working with Hannah and Joey in such a beautiful setting.

Joey_Hannah_Engagment_0287 Joey_Hannah_Engagment_0306


Joey_Hannah_Engagment_0356 Joey_Hannah_Engagment_0367 Joey_Hannah_Engagment_0387 Joey_Hannah_Engagment_0402

Joey_Hannah_Engagment_0454 Joey_Hannah_Engagment_0473

Joey_Hannah_Engagment_0517 Joey_Hannah_Engagment_0521



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