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Columbus Ohio Business Headshots - Marion Public Health

Robintek Photography recently worked with Marion Public Health to take their business headshots. Marion Public Health is a great organization that works to ensure that everyone in their community has the opportunity to be as healthy as they can be. They work with community partners and the public to create a living environment where healthy options are accessible to everyone. Marion Public Health partnered with Robintek for their recent logo and website redesign and as part of their website update they wanted new headshots for their staff and board members. Robintek Photography was happy to work with them to take these business portraits.

Why should you have business headshots on your website?

Having business headshots on your organization or company website is a great way to personalize your website and connect with visitors. In the case of Marion Public Health, having the business headshots online allows potential patients or other members of the Marion community see who they’ll be working with. By putting their headshots online Marion Public Health is better able to serve and connect with their community.

The Photo Shoot:

This photo shoot was done on location at Marion Public Health. This allowed them to coordinate their busy schedules and get all of their staff and board members photographed at the same time. Robintek Photography is able to schedule both in studio business headshot sessions and on location business headshot sessions, depending on the needs of the organization. Marion Public Health selected a gray background for their portraits which is used both in our mobile studio and in our office photo studio. As they get new staff members or board members they are able to schedule individual business headshot sessions at the Robintek Photography office and we will be able to keep a consistent look to all the portraits.

About Marion Public Health:

Marion Public Health is organized into three divisions, Environmental Health, Public Health Nursing, and Maternal and Child Health. A fourth unit of Marion Public Health is the Office of Policy and Planning. This office is responsible for much of our system-wide work, including policy, system, and environmental change as implemented in our Creating Healthy Communities program. That office also houses our critical administrative support team.

Their work is informed by the 2015 Community Health Assessment (CHA). This report includes data from a community health status and risk factor survey. It was the product of the hard work of a large number of community stakeholders who helped to identify resources as well as prioritize health needs. The report identified the following five priorities: Substance Abuse, Obesity (healthy eating and active living), Tobacco Use, Maternal & Child Health, and Healthy Housing.

If you’d like to learn more about Marion Public Health you can visit their website at

Are you interested in Business Headshots for your company?

Robintek Photography offers a wide variety of options for business headshots or portraits. We offer in studio sessions at our office in Worthington, Ohio as well as on location business photography sessions. We can work with you on the style of portrait that would work best for your company. We do both traditional studio portraits and lifestyle portraits.

Please contact us for more information.

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