Columbus Ohio Product Photography for eCommerce trueCABLE

We continue our partnership with trueCABLE to produce additional product photography for their Amazon store. Each month new products come out and we use a shot list that was developed at the beginning of the partnership to quickly gather and edit the needed images.  For trueCABLE, we produce multiple images per product showing a variety of angles and details. These photos included photos of the exterior of the products either on reels or in boxes, the cable being pulled from the box or reel, and detail shots of the wire interiors.

Robintek is familiar with Amazon’s product photography guidelines and requirements. When featuring a product on Amazon it helps to have multiple photos of each product so customers know what they’re getting. Amazon’s product image requirements include specifications for file type, image size, and how products should be photographed. The main image of a product featured on Amazon must be photographed on a pure white background. trueCABLE had us photograph all of their product angles on a white background to maintain consistency. If you are interested in seeing the site standards for product images for Amazon you can find them here.

About trueCABLE

trueCABLE offers the fastest and most reliable networking cables direct from their high service factory. You can check out their store

Interested in Product Photography?

If you are interested in product photography for your Amazon store we can help. Robintek is experienced in photographing products to be sold on Robintek photography offers a wide range of product photography services. We are able to accommodate most products in our studio located in Westerville, Ohio. We also offer on-location product photography services. Contact us today for details and pricing.

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