Capturing Corporate Excellence: Robintek Photography’s On-Location Headshot Session with Fahey Bank

Fahey Bank Corporate Portraits Headshot Session

Fahey Bank, with multiple offices in central Ohio, required headshots for over 35 employees. Recognizing the logistical challenge, they sought a photography partner who could seamlessly manage on-location sessions at two separate locations on the same day. Robintek Photography's expertise in providing both on-location and in-studio business headshots made them the ideal choice for this corporate endeavor.

Corporate headshots on-location

Understanding the logistical complexity, Robintek Photography, in collaboration with Fahey Bank, scheduled on-location sessions for two separate locations on the same day. The morning and early afternoon sessions allowed for flexibility, ensuring every employee could conveniently participate. This strategic approach showcased our commitment to meeting the unique demands of our corporate clients.

On the designated day, our skilled photographer, Rachel, arrived at both locations, bringing along a portable studio setup equipped with professional backdrops and lighting. This ensured a consistent and polished look across all employee headshots. The on-location setup allowed for a streamlined process, enabling Rachel to efficiently photograph all employees without disrupting their workday. Each team member was presented with 3-5 carefully curated options for their headshot.

The Results

The Fahey Bank team was thrilled with the sessions and portraits. Skyler "Sky" Shuler, from Fahey Bank, expressed their satisfaction: "These photos turned out amazing! They traveled to multiple offices with equipment and took all of our employees’ headshots without any hassle whatsoever."

The bank's endorsement highlighted the efficiency, friendliness, and superior quality of Robintek Photography's services. The final selections were meticulously edited and delivered digitally to both the individuals and the company, empowering Fahey Bank to integrate the professional headshots seamlessly into their promotional materials and online presence.

Professional Headshots for Corporate Clients

Robintek Photography is committed to working with a diverse range of corporate clients, offering flexible scheduling for both on-location and studio sessions. Our specialized headshot days provide businesses with the opportunity to obtain professional and uniform portraits for all their employees at a competitive price. These images are not only an asset to the company but also empower individual employees in enhancing their professional online presence.

A trusted partner for business portraits

Fahey Bank's journey with Robintek Photography is a shining example of how a well-executed on-location headshot session can elevate corporate image and employee satisfaction. As a trusted partner for businesses in Westerville, Ohio, and beyond, Robintek Photography continues to set the standard for professionalism and excellence in business and commercial photography.

Interested in working with us for your corporate headshots? Contact us today to schedule your professional portrait session.

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